Presets & Lightroom Editing Workshop To Help You Tackle Any Lighting Scenario

Do you struggle with Difficult Lighting?

Are there certain lighting situations you actively avoid because you don’t feel confident shooting in them? It’s stressful trying to produce amazing work in any lighting scenario when you don't understand how to control it and even more frustrating to try to edit the results.

How would it feel to show up at a wedding and know how to confidently utilize any lighting situation that was thrown at you? Well friend, you can get there! By learning lighting & lightroom in-depth, you can regain control over your creativity and produce amazing work in any situation.

I'm here to help you learn how to get the look and feel you want out of your images.

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"I couldn’t have loved the course more."

Ingvild Kolnes / @ingvildkolnes

"Having Maddie’s presets didn’t mean that I needed to change my style to match hers, instead, they helped me improve my own."

ABBI HEARNE / @thehearnes

"I’m so used to getting frustrated trying to correct colors on other presets! These presets are the PERFECT starting point for editing in literally any lighting scenario."

Serafino / @capturedbyserafina

The Workshop & The Presets

An in-depth look at how to shoot in any lighting scenario and how every slider in Lightroom works so you can master your style and love your work — with the 45 Maddie Mae Presets to help.

It is so helpful to see the educational part next to the presets and really helps me with seeing the light better in my own shooting!

O’Malley Marshall

Just the Presets

45 presets built to make 9 different lighting scenarios easy to work with and keep your portfolio consistent.


Your presets are honestly magical! They are definitely the most useful and versatile presets I’ve ever used.

Sini Choi

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